Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Break

We had a pretty good spring break.  The first part of the week was cold and rainy, so the kids convinced me to take them to the McDonalds playplace.  It was gross, but they ended up playing for over 1.5 hours!  Reed spent most of the time reading his new librarby books we had just gotten.  I actually ran into an old friend, Sally Webb, from my stake back home (she had moved out to Utah years ago).  It was really fun catching up with her.
The second half of the week, we spent a lot of time with my sisters-in-law and cousins.  Our kids were in heaven.  We made it to Farm Country and Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  Another day, we went on a fun hike with some friends.

There were some chickens on the loose which was fun (probably not for them, but the kids had a blast).

Me, MJ, Christi

Reed, Liam, Matthew, Aidan

Christina, Jack, Andie, Jake, Taryn, Finn, Ellie

Corbin, Colin, Oma

I took this picture of Reed's friends (Alex, Lincoln, Aaron) and I thought it turned out really cool.  Reed had spent that day skiing with Oma and some cousins, so he missed out on our hike.  The scenery was amazing!

MJ, Liam, Katie

Taryn and Meoldy

Me and Corby

Licoln, Tary, Aaron, Melody, Katie


Heather and I with all the kiddos (Lindi took the picture)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Battlecreek Falls

We took our first family hike of the season to Battlecreek Falls.  We've done this one several times and we went on a good day when the weather was somewhat cool.  There isn't any shade on this one.
Grandma came too.

Just noticed MJ in this picture. haha

And then there is the story of a boy and his beloved rock.  
Reed found this special rock on our hike and ended up carrying it halfway down the trail and giving it a name: "Chocolate" (because it looked like a Hershey bar obviously).  As noted before, Reed doesn't really like hiking.  At all.  So the fact that he found a piece of enjoyment from our adventure, made me excited.  Kevin, Mr. Follow-Nature-Rules, told Reed he wouldn't be able to take his rock home.  Reed was so, so, so sad.  He tried convincing Kevin to no avail (even my mom and I tried to plead with Kevin some).  They finally came to a negotiation.  If Reed kept his room clean for a week straight and proved he could take care of his things, then Kevin would take Reed back to the trail head and get Chocolate.  Reed was still sad (he cried the entire 30 minute drive home plus longer), but he placed Chocolate in a safe, hidden place so he could find it later.  
It took Reed 2 weeks, but he proved himself and he got his Chocolate back.  It's proudly being displayed in his room. :)

Hike Review: No shade.  Steady incline but easy enough for kids.  The waterfall and stream at the end is well worth it.

Coyote Hollow (Bonneville Shoreline Trail)

With some early Spring weather in March, we got a jump-start on our hiking season.  I am so excited to discover new hikes in the area.  And I am determined to make my kids hikers (I think I am getting there with Taryn and Corbin; I probably never will with Reed).  I thought Reed was having a good time because I hadn't heard him complain and he was eager to keep walking when we had stopped on the trail.  He even exclaimed, "Let's keep going, my legs aren't even tired."  There was a glimmer of hope.  But later that night when we were chatting about his day, I commented on his good attitude on the hike and wondered what had changed.  Turns out, he still hates hiking "the moment he stepped on the trail" (Reed quoted), but he's learned that the faster he walks, the quicker it will be over.  Clever but stubborn.  

Can I seriously just live in the mountains??

The crew (minus MJ and Lincoln): Oliver, Reed, Taryn, Zane, Aaron, Corbin, Kai

Hike Review: Overall, this was a great hike for kids.  It was beautiful and the perfect length and difficulty.  However, we came across tons of mountain bikers.  I heard there might be a trail in that same area for hikers only that I need to find.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Sister Wives

Back in the Fall, I went over to my friend, Shasta's house to help her weed.  She had just moved in and I was so excited she was going to be living just down the street.  So I went to chat and see if she needed any help.  We started weeding.  Meanwhile, we heard her neighbor and our friend, MaryEllen, in her own backyard weeding.  Shasta invited her over to join us and that's when the Sister Wives was born.  
We thought it would be a fun idea to take turns once a week at each other's houses doing projects together.  And since then, we've done a number of projects: toy room declutter/purge!, garage reorganizing, painting a bathroom, hanging baseboards, etc., yard work, etc.  It has been so much fun!
 and I feel like we've accomplished so much!  I love these women and through serving together, I have gotten to know them even more and love them twice over.
(Unfortunately, I've only taken pictures twice and recently, we've had 2 others join the "club").

MaryEllen is such a doer!  She refinished her entire basement (including knocking down walls, painting, hanging baseboards and trim, etc.).  She's our hero.

I hung that. :)

Using a nail gun.  So scary and cool!

Sometimes the kids help out too (Melody and Taryn moving weed clumps).

Shasta and Lindi

The new crew!  Heather, Lindi, me, Shasta, (and Mary Ellen)...and lots of kids. :)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

We want Spring!

It was still a bit chilly for the park, but Taryn and Corbin figured out a solution.

I'm a little biased, but I think Corbin is pretty creative for a 3 year old.

Snack picnic with friends

Another picnic

Finally get to use the sandbox!

Farm Country

Exploring in the backyard

The kids got a little too careless with the hose and lost privileges for a week.

I'm excited to pull these 2 along on bike rides.

Silly girl kept taking off her diaper, so I put Corbin's underwear over it to keep it on tight.

Discovering a nearby adventure

It had a fun little stream they the kids loved to throw grass and flowers down.