Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Break

We had a pretty good spring break.  The first part of the week was cold and rainy, so the kids convinced me to take them to the McDonalds playplace.  It was gross, but they ended up playing for over 1.5 hours!  Reed spent most of the time reading his new librarby books we had just gotten.  I actually ran into an old friend, Sally Webb, from my stake back home (she had moved out to Utah years ago).  It was really fun catching up with her.
The second half of the week, we spent a lot of time with my sisters-in-law and cousins.  Our kids were in heaven.  We made it to Farm Country and Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  Another day, we went on a fun hike with some friends.

There were some chickens on the loose which was fun (probably not for them, but the kids had a blast).

Me, MJ, Christi

Reed, Liam, Matthew, Aidan

Christina, Jack, Andie, Jake, Taryn, Finn, Ellie

Corbin, Colin, Oma

I took this picture of Reed's friends (Alex, Lincoln, Aaron) and I thought it turned out really cool.  Reed had spent that day skiing with Oma and some cousins, so he missed out on our hike.  The scenery was amazing!

MJ, Liam, Katie

Taryn and Meoldy

Me and Corby

Licoln, Tary, Aaron, Melody, Katie


Heather and I with all the kiddos (Lindi took the picture)

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